TALL Emerging Leaders Program

TALL Emerging Leaders Program

Poland –Texas


  1. To expand knowledge related to the history, culture, geography, agriculture production & policy, economy, religion, educational systems and peoples of Poland and Texas
  2. To share information on policies & practices related to new research & technologies that support and encourage learning and information exchange between the European Union and the United States
  3. To explore avenues for collaboration and cooperation between agriculture organizations, corporations, universities and governments in Poland/EU and Texas/US
  4. To build and foster excellent relationships between Poland/EU and Texas/US


  1. Work and live on a farm with a host family to participate in the daily activities and functions of production agriculture in the host country
  2. Provide an opportunity to learn about agriculture production, government policy, history, culture and economics in Poland/EU & Texas/US
  3. Meet with agricultural organizations, agricultural producers, university educators and   government officials to develop an understanding of how agricultural production differs from the      their home country
  4. Visit important cultural and historical sites in the host country






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