2010 TALL Foundation Supporters

Program Grants: $10,000 +

H-E-B, Houston

Farm Credit Bank of Texas, Austin

TALL Alumni Association, College Station

Scholarships:  $5,000+
Texas Wheat Producers Association
Texas Corn Producers Board 
Texas Cattle Feeders Association                          
Landmark Nurseries, Inc.                                                   
Briscoe Ranch, Inc
Farm Credit Bank of Texas
Capital Farm Credit
Build East Texas

Sustainer Memberships $2,500+

Texas Nursery and Landscape Assn.
Texas Grain Sorghum Producers                                      
Jim & Paula Prewitt                                                           
Hansford Air/Ralston Land & Cattle
Cavender’s Boot City                                                             
Ag Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Co.

Pacesetters:  $1,000+

Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation          
American Quarter Horse Association                              
Archer Daniels Midland Company                                 
Bayer Crop Science                                                            
Blue Bell Creameries                                                       
Citizens State Bank                                                       
Ed Erwin                                                                           
Horizon Dairy                                     
Trisha Hillman                                                                  
Texas A&M AgriLife              
Trae Ottmers                                                           
Panhandle-Plains  Land Bank, FLCA                                 
Peter & Jeanne Kinnear                                                        
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.                              
Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.                                                
Puckett Ranches, LTD                                                
Renewable Fuels Foundation                               
Rio Fresh                                                                                           
Texas Cotton Producers, Inc.                                               
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Assn.                  
Janet Tregalles
Jimmy and Susan Wedel                                               
Texas Forestry Association                                                
Texas Logging Council                                                      
Texas Pork Producers Association, Inc.                               
Y Bar Ranch/Steven Mafridge        

Foundation Builders:  $500 +

AG Power                                                                              
Ag Texas, FCS                                                                  
Austin Bank                                                                 
Bain Cattle Company                                                        
Bank of Tyler                                                                           
Brazos Valley Recycling                                         
Clift Land Brokers/Clift Scott & Associates                      
Debbie Danford                                                                       
East Texas Copy Systems                                                      
East Texas Seed Company                                                    
East Texas State Fair                                                             
Evans Grain                                                                             
Great Plains Ag Credit                                                     
Herd Foundation                                                                     
Heritage Land Bank                                                                  
Hvlavinka Equipment                          
J&H Enterprises/Harold Grall                                               
Kubota Tractor – NAMA Southwest                               
Lone Star Nursery                                                                  
Mea Nursery                                                                        
Matt Moore Farms                                                           
Dr. Jim & Kathy Mazurkiewicz                                             
Panhandle Plains Land Bank Association                        
Parsley Farms                                                                        
Plains Cotton Cooperative Association                               
Preferred Beef Group                                
Producers Cooperative Association                                       
Red Rock Ranch                                                                 
Renard Group Advertising                                                     
Rice-Tec, Inc.                                                    
Roeder Ranch                                                               
John Soules Foods                                                                   
Southside Bank                                                                      
Southwest Animal Health                                           
Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo
Steele’s Feed and Seed                                                             
Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council                               
Texas Peanut Producers Board                                          
Texas Tech University College of Ag Sciences              
Threlkeld Insurance Company                                              
Turfgrass Producers of Texas                                             
Lance Waggoner                                                                
Nishi Whitley                                                                         
Wood County Electric Coop                                                
XCEL Energy               

Supporter Membership:  $250 +

4-O Transport/Charles & Kelli Olfers                         
Diamond Cattle Feeders                                                     
Eagle Lake & Katy Prairie Outfitters/Larry Gore                      
Mike & PJ Ellison-Kalil                                                     
John Giesenschlag/ABC Equipment                                   
Wayne Hayenga                                                       
Hendrick Ranching & Wildlife                                              
Heritage Equipment Company, Inc.                                   
Blankenship Family                                                               
Hurst Farm Supply                                                             
Justin Brands, Inc.                                                          
Lone Star Ag Credit/James Welch                                           
Aaron & Jennifer Martinka                                               
Messina Hof Winery                                                              
Monsanto/Allison Moskal                                     
Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District          
Peoples Bank                                                                    
Pogue Agri Partners/Keith Walters                                       
Production Plus                                                                
Joe Will Ross & Ana Henderson                                   
South Plains Electric Coop                                                 
Dan & Linda Taylor                                                        
Texas Agricultural Aviation Association                            
Texas A&M University Office of the Chancellor      

Annual Memberships: $100 +

AgriLand Farm Credit Services                                  
Bayer Animal Health                                                              
B.E. Implement                                                              
Berdoll Pecan Farm/Katy Blankenship                                   
Pat & Sebe Berdoll                                                                 
Clint Cryer                                                                        
Cultivate Agency/Anne Griffeth-Kimmey                             
Johnny Dietze                                                                        
Cary Dupuy                                                                           
Ellison’s Greenhouses                                                      
First United Bank                                                                
Missy Bonds                                                                       
Ted Conover                                                                            
Hereford Economic Development Corp                             
Justin High, DVM                                                       
Kevin Hiles                                                            
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hopkins                                               
Alicia Howard                                                        
W. Calloway Huffaker Attorney at Law                             
Kelly & Anne (Griffeth) Kimmey                                          
Kirkland Feedyard                                                                  
Chris & Margaret Glueck                                                     
Tim and Lea Ann Lust                                                 
Lynn County Abstract and Title                                         
Jim McCord                                                             
McCormick Advertising Company                                    
Nacogdoches Beef Committee                                    
James Naivar                                                                    
Ben Novosad                                                                          
Plains Capital Bank                                                           
Joe Reed                                                                             
Carl Speck                                                                             
Texas Broiler Council                                                  
Texas Egg Council                                                       
Texas Forest Service                                                 
Texas Poultry Federation                                            
Texas Poultry Improvement Association                    
Texas Traditions                                                            
Texas Turkey Federation                                                
Trust Financial Mortgage Co/Charles Cammack      
Walker Soloman Agency                                                     
Ken Weidenfeller                                                                   
West Texas A&M University/Dr. Ty Lawrence  


3K Ranch/Roger & Arlene Weidenfeller                        
Advanced Genetic Services                                            
The Bank & Trust                                       
Sue Billings            
Zach Brady                                                                        
Brazos Valley Livestock Commission                                   
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brown                                                    
Mark Brown                                                                      
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Cammack                                                
Champion Feeders                                                             
Sue Ann Claudon                                                               
Conlee-Garrett Moving & Storage                                    
Davon Cook                                                                       
Coufal Prater Equipment                                                       
Clay Crist                                                                         
Miles Dabovich                                                                  
Matt Dougherty                                                                      
Farm Patch                                                                             
Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo                                   
Charles & Mickey Glueck                                                
Michelle Hibler                                                      
Lloyd Joyce Agri Services                                                       
Martinka Brothers                                                            
Dale Martinka                                                                  
Pablo Marvin D.                                                      
JM Cattle Company                                                 
OvaGenix, LP/Dr. Charles Looney                                          
Kevin Naivar                                                                   
Nocona Athletic Goods Co.                                                 
Peters Ranch                                                                          
Koby Reed                                                                  
Clint Robinson                                                                    
Sanderson Farms                                                                
Scarmardo Cattle Company                                                 
Scarmardo Produce Company                                             
Slovacek Sausage                                                                  
Leslie Smith                                                                           
Southwest Council of Agribusiness                                   
Texas AgriLife Extension                                         
Texas Farms LLC                                                               
Texas Tech University Office of the Chancellor                 
Tom Kelley                                                                     
United Cotton Growers                                                    
Mason Vaughan                                                                 
Richard and Sue Vaughan                                                 
Keith Walters                                                                  
James Welch                                                                            
Wiggins Watermelons                                                             
Jay Wilder                                                                              
Lynn Zoeller          

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