(*ALL Dates Subject to Change Due to Any Unforeseen Circumstances*)

July 21-24, 2020 College Station #1 Team & Group Dynamics, Semantics of Teams, TAM System, Professional Image & Etiquette, Challenge Course (ROPES), Bush Presidential Library, Brazos Valley Agriculture, Agriculture Research.  

Extension, Education, Expectations

October 19-23, 2020 Lubbock/Amarillo #2 Feedlots, Packing Plants, Grapes, Wheat, Corn, Dairy, Cotton, Soybean, Grain Sorghum, Peanuts, Equine, Irrigation, Texas Tech University and Agriculture Research. Production, Producers, Progress
January 12-17, 2021 Austin/Edwards Plateau #3 -State Government: Legislative Process, Agencies, Taxes & Appropriations, Trade, Judicial Process, Transportation.     Water, Brush Control, Sheep, Goats and Wildlife Leadership, Legislation, Laws
April 19-23, 2021 Corpus Christi/McAllen #4 South Texas Agriculture: Cotton, Grain Sorghum, Sugar Cane, Citrus, Vegetables; Irrigation Districts; Port Authority – Land, Air & Sea; Immigration, Border Wall, Texas A&M Kingsville and Texas A&M Corpus Christi Exports, Economics, Emigration
July 20-23, 2021 Houston/Gulf Coast #5 Gulf Coast Agriculture: Equine, Agriculture, rice, cattle, fish, corn, farm equipment, environmental issues. 

 Urban Agriculture: retail markets, food distribution, food security, Ag Corporations, transportation, Port of Houston and Port of Galveston.

Exports, Economics, Environment
August 29-September 3, 2021 California #6 Ag Policy, Immigration, Labor, Environmental Issues, Endangered Species, Water-Energy, Regulation, Citrus, Cotton, Corn, Vegetables, Fruits & Nuts, Salinity, Air Quality, wineries, Salinity, Air Quality and Ag Policy. Employment, Emigration, Environment
October 16-23, 2021 Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania & New York #7 National Government: Congressional Process, Agencies, Homeland Security, Financial District, Textiles, Trade, Transportation, Port Authority, Food Distribution, New England Agriculture, water, regulations, and Labor. Leadership, Legislation, Laws 

Economics, Exports, Environment

January 16-21, 2022 DFW, Tyler & Nacogdoches #8 Forestry, Fisheries, Livestock, Poultry, Horticulture, Food Distribution, Value Added Processing, Endangered Species, Wetlands, Stephen F. Austin University, Agriculture Research. Production, Producers, Progress
April 22-May 4, 2022 Ukraine/Moldova/Romania

(Black Sea) #9

International Trade & World Markets, Production Practices, Critical Issues, Government Policy, Labor, Competitiveness Foreign Cultures, Customs and Values. Competition, Communication, Culture
June 18, 2022 College Station Stella Hotel; TALL-Alumni Annual Meeting; TALL Advisory Board Annual Meeting and TALL Foundation Board Meeting Graduation

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