Objectives & Goals


Since 1987, Governor Dolph Briscoe Jr., Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership (TALL), administered by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, an agency of The Texas A&M System, has provided a foundation for the future leaders in Texas agriculture.  Established on the ideals of leadership, issue and policy awareness and basic agricultural principles, the program strives to prepare men and women for the challenges faced by agriculture in the future.

The TALL Program enables men and women from all aspects of the agricultural community to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of agriculture and related industries in the context of today’s complex economic, political and social systems.
  • Learn the processes of organizational decision-making and the role of political institutions.
  • Acquire a greater appreciation of how agriculture must interact with society as a whole.
  • Develop skills necessary for leadership at local, state and national levels and put those skills into practice.


  • To challenge, develop and support emerging leaders.
  • To serve as a catalyst for mentoring and networking among agricultural leaders.
  • To increase personal involvement in state and local activities that contribute to the growth and enhancement of Texas agriculture.
  • To heighten knowledge of current issues and encourage participation in the development and implementation of national, state and local policy.

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