“What TALL Means to Me”

“TALL creates leaders in agriculture by exposing participants to all segments of the industry – locally, nationally and internationally. We develop a network with other participants and those who generously host us during visits to realize opportunities where we can positively affect how we, as agriculturalists, will feed and clothe the world. “

Kelley Sullivan-Houston, TX
Owner/family partner in Santa Rosa Ranch


“TALL is truly the experience of a lifetime. The network of friends and contacts in Texas agriculture I have gained throughout the last two years is priceless. The program has truly broadened my perspective on many production, political and social issues impacting agriculture, which will help me be a stronger leader and spokesman for this great industry. The TALL program is making a lasting impact not only in the lives of its participants, but on Texas and American agriculture as a whole.”

Lindsay Kennedy-Lubbock, TX


“It truly has been an honor and a privilege to be a member of TALL XIII. As graduates of the program, we now have an even greater opportunity to use our new knowledge and experiences to be more effective advocates for agriculture and continue to tell our story.”

Mary Jane Buerkle-Lubbock, TX
Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.


“During the 2-year TALL Program, we were exposed to a wide variety of different and very challenging topics that are directly and indirectly related to agriculture  (within and outside the Texas borders).  This experience has helped me to become more knowledgeable about the many challenges and consequences that all Ag producers and end users are currently or one day may have to face.  I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity and to be part of the TALL family.”

Jeremy Seiger-Red Oak, TX
Environmental scientist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


“It is easy to only focus on the commodity that you are involved in.  The TALL program provides a great opportunity to be further educated about the production and industry relating to other commodities that you may not be as familiar with.  TALL introduces you to a network of people involved with other commodities and locations that are great resources.”

Brandon Grooms-Oklahoma City, OK
National Livestock Credit Corp.


“TALL provides valued relationships and an education that is not gained behind a desk.  The opportunity to experience various aspects of agriculture across the US and in Brazil has vastly increased my knowledge and forever changed my viewpoints of the opportunities and challenges that lie within the people, industry and policies.”

Shelley Heinrich-Lubbock, TX
Sorghum Growers


“TALL is an amazing program.  What we have learned from our experiences in this program can and will be used to change the face of agriculture forever.  We are now ready to serve – ready to take our place – to stand up and to stand out – to be the leaders the TALL program has equipped us to be.

Linda Jordens Galayda- Elkhart, TX
Owner and managing partner, Jordens Cattle Co. / 7-7 Ranch


“TALL was an amazing experience and one never forgotten nor taken for granted. Now, we must get to work to secure our way of life and the Agricultural Industries.”

Sally Oglesby Harris-Ozona, TX
Owner-manager of a fourth-generation ranching business 

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