“What TALL Means to Me”

“TALL is a program not only to develop a cadre of leaders in the Agricultural Industry, but to develop each person themselves  The stretching, growing and development of each relationship that are experienced through this program is unparalleled. My personal experience challenged me to step up to the bar that my classmates held.  The experience gained in all vast aspects of the agriculture industry shapes each class member to be a more well rounded agriculture advocate.  We are each involved in different entities, but must have a unified voice to speak to and educate our country and the world about agriculture. That is our responsibility.”

Alicia Howard
Bryan, TX
Howard Consulting – Purchasing, breeding, showing and selling performance horses

“The TALL Program has allowed me to expand a network a friendships, and has opened channels of information exchange that reach well beyond the boarder of the state of Texas.  I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved in this program, which has intuitively enhanced my knowledge of American Agriculture.”

Koby Reed
Lubbock, TX
Southwest Council of Agribusiness – Membership Director; cotton and peanuts

 “TALL is an amazing educational experience.  We have had the opportunity to meet leaders in agriculture across Texas, the United States, Mexico, Russia and Poland. On location visits with the owners and operators has provided operational appreciation and understanding that is not possible in a classroom environment.  The TALL program exceeded my expectations exponentially.”

Grady Martin
Lubbock, TX
Plains Cotton Cooperative Association – Director of Sales

 “Growing up I have always had strong ties to agriculture. I received two degrees in agriculture, but still did not fully understand what the driving force was for me to remain in this field on through to my professional career. During the course work of TALL, I gained a better perspective of the need and importance of agriculture not only in the Lone Star State, but around the nation and world. The TALL XI international trip to Russia and Poland solidified why my agriculture path has remained before me. Just like our ancestors, the heritage and ties to the land here or in other countries still remain present. TALL gave me a glimpse of why everything we do revolves around one common thing “agriculture.” I am proud to be a Texan, I am fortunate to be a part of agriculture and I am blessed to have lived through the TALL experience.”

 Sarah Riggins
San Marcos, TX
Texas Department of Agriculture – State Marketing Coordinator for Food

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