“What TALL Means to Me”

“TALL is that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hone one’s social, mental and leadership skills to better serve the agricultural industry and the community.”

Dennis Detten
Hereford, Texas
Corn, wheat, cotton, grain
sorghum, beef cattle producer

“TALL brings people of diverse professions and backgrounds together to reflect on new ideas,share different perspectives and achieve successful goals.”

Penny Daye
Boerne, Texas
Soil Conservationist, U.S. Dept.of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service

“The TALL program mirrors my career goals for extensive professional growth. It is based on reality with its roots firmly planted in being a proactive leader!”

Oscar Taylor
Humble, Texas
Forestry Products Specialist
American Cyanamid Company

“TALL is a solid foundation on which is built a thought process for forming lifetime leadership skills and lifelong friendships.”

J. David Eppright
Bebe, Texas
Cattle producer

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