“What TALL Means to Me”

“The Tall program has brought me out of a thick hard shell. After years of single minded, stubborn, relentless, stick to the farm solitude, I now relish the adventure of meeting new people and learning their point of view. I now want to express my own thoughts and be able to direct our industry forward. You can’t do that by never leaving the cotton field. It rekindled some of the enthusiasm I had as a beginning farmer years ago. We need to light a few more fires in this industry.”

Charles Ring, Jr.
Ring Brothers Partnership
Sinton, Texas

“Tall will stretch you! The top-notch speakers plus the agriculture and agribusiness tours almost overwhelm you. Without a doubt, TALL benefits your career and you make some lifelong friends.”

Don Clift
General Manager/Business Affairs
Texas Farm, Inc., and a commercial pork producer.


“The TALL program has been the most enlightening, educational experience I have participated in allowing me the prestigious opportunity to meet and learn from the most influential leaders in agriculture.”

Terri L. Barber
Director of Livestock Marketing
Texas Department of Agriculture


“TALL has provided me the opportunity to broaden my horizons through cultural diversity. It has provided me with the tools to become an effective leader in the agricultural industry while building friendships that will last a lifetime.”

John Gertson
Owner/Operator/Partner, Gertson Farms,
a producer of commercial cattle, rice, hay, and
commercial applicator, Lissie Flying Service.


“The TALL program is a vehicle by which one may obtain some answers to the “who, what, where, when and why” questions concerning issues in agriculture as well as politics.”

Clay Allison
Software Engineer for Northrop Grumman and
Owner/Manager of the Allison Half Circle A Ranch Co.,
a producer of commercial cattle, sheep and goats.


“TALL uses: What you have, to fill a need, which you never could have filled. TALL uses: Where you are, to take you, where you never could have gone. TALL uses: What you can do, to accomplish, what you never could have done. TALL uses: Who you are, to let you become, who you never could have been.”

Joe Behrens
Owner/Manager of Behrens Farms, a producer
of commercial cattle, pork, hay, peanuts, melons,
vegetables and grass seed.

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